We have the ambitious goal of creating a ‘Lemur Land’ in the front section of the animal park. The aim is to socialise 3 red ruffed lemurs and 3 ring-tailed lemurs in this walk-through enclosure. Visitors can experience the animals at close range. Access to the enclosure is through a double door system. The enclosure features a closed top and sides with paths running along the enclosure’s periphery. The central part features plants and play equipment for the lemurs.

The current enclosure will then become a refuge for the animals, its glass panels allowing visitors to observe the animals at any time. Yet as in any animal park there are not yet sufficient funds available for this project. The current costs for planning and realisation are about € 40,000.

Please help us to fund this project. The animal park depends on donations. Every euro is meaningfully invested.

To thank our donors we have created the ‘Vari Taler’ commemorative coin (Roter Vari: German for red ruffed lemur).

The donations currently total: € 43.172 (last updated: 22/11/2018)

Vari-Taler in Gold, Silber und Bronze

The coins are available:

At Tierpark Senftenberg and selected and marked outlets against payment and payment of the respective amount €10 / €50 / €100 on our donation account.


Donate €10:

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VR Bank Lausitz e.G.
IBAN – DE68 1806 2678 0004 9690 65

We would also like to thank all the companies and persons mentioned below for their support.

Taller GmbH
Im Ermlisgrund 11
76337 Waldbronn

Bremicker GmbH & Co. KG
Am Öferl 37–43
82362 Weilheim i. OB

Kommunale Wohnungsgesellschaft
mbH Senftenberg
Hörlitzer Str. 34
01968 Senftenberg